Make Improvements and Optimal Allocation of Budget in Order to Increase safety of The Shiraz-Abadeh Road

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Regarding the importance of difficulties that made by accidents in the transportation between the cities, this paper presents a way for optimal budget allocation to improve disaster points of the Shiraz-Abadeh road for increasing its traffic safety. For this aim, two possible kinds of improvements (continuous and discrete) are considered and the problem is modeled as a mixed integer programming with continues and binary variables in which its aim is to obtain the optimal allocation and maximizes the reducing rate of accidents. Regarding the difficulties caused by high dimensionality of the problem, we present a new solution method based on the bender decomposition technique to illustrate the optimal allocation. First, the original problem is split into two smaller problems. Then, in an iterative procedure, in each iteration a new constraint is introduced and added to the problem. Thus, in each step, the current solution comes nearer to the optimal one; based on the existed theorem, after a finite number of iterations, the algorithm converges to the optimal solution


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November 2015
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