Numerical method for solving a class of two-dimensional fractional optimal control problem of via operational matrices of Legendre polynomial

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Department of Mathematics, Babol Noshirvani university of tecgnology, Babol, Iran


‎ ‎In ‎‎t‎his article, we present a ‎‎‎numerical ‎method ‎for‎ solving a class of ‎two-‎dimensional fractional optimal control problems ‎by‎ the Legendre ‎polynomial‎ basis with fractional operational ‎matrix‎. It should be mentioned that the dynamic system of the problem is based on the Caputo fractional partial derivative. This method, the dual integral is approximated by ‎Gauss-‎Legendre rule, and then by using the Lagrangian equation, a nonlinear equation is obtained. This nonlinear equation set is solved by Newton's iterative method and unknown coefficients is determined. Finally, the proposed method was applied on a fractional problem with the different degree of fractional derivative. Also, the CPU time of method is exhibited. It is notable that all calculations were obtained by the Mathematica software.


Main Subjects

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