Carleson measure and composition operators on vector valued weighted Besov type spaces

Document Type : Original Paper


1 Department of Pure Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and statistics, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

2 Engineering Faculty of Khoy, Urmia University of Technology, Urmia, Iran

3 Department of Mathematics, Mahabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Mahabad, Iran


‎In this paper we investigate composition operator $C_phi$ and also product of composition and differentiation $C_phi D$ and $D C_phi$ on vector valued weighted Besov type space $mathcal{B}^p_v(X)$ and weak vector valued weighted Besov type space $wmathcal{B}^p_v(X)$ for complex Banach space $X$ and $1leq p<2$ ‎and ‎equivalent ‎conditions ‎for‎‎‎ boundedness and compactness of these operators on such spaces have been obtained using Carleson measure‎.


Main Subjects

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