Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 4, December 2021, Pages 611-760 
(F_p^m(F_p^m+uF_p^m)-Additive skew cyclic codes of length 2p^s

Pages 626-638


Saeid bagheri; Roghayeh Mohammadi Hesari; Hamed Rezaei; Rashid Rezaei; Karim Samei

On continuous functions on LG-topology

Pages 666-678


Mehdi Badie; Ali Shahidikia; Hossein Kasiri

Investigation of mathematical model of human liver by Caputo fractional derivative approach

Pages 750-760


Mehdi Shabibi; Zohreh Zeinalabedini Charandabi; Hakimeh Mohammadi; Shahram Rezapour